Work with
Dr. Cammy Froude

Welcome to Coaching!

Coaching is a highly personal and tailored process that occurs within the following structure.

Phase 1

Your Purpose

Anything is possible when you believe in yourself. Our work in phase one is to assess the relationship you have with yourself. Where are your sources of strength and resilience? What are your limitations and pain points? I will help you identify your core values and begin the journey toward establishing an inward sense of worth and assuredness.

Phase 2

Your Strategy

You know who you want to be and what you want your life to look like. Now you need a path to get there. We will create a plan to transform the relationship you have to yourself, to others, to institutions, and to your mission and purpose. I will listen with a trained ear and provide resources, tools, and guidance to support your vision.

Phase 3

Your Practice

The world is your stage. Now is the time to practice your skills and step into your best self. Self-doubt and procrastination might show up in this phase. I’ll help you build the momentum you need to step fearlessly into the life you’re meant to live. We will celebrate your successes and process your challenges.

Repeat and Refine

Great lives are built over time with a steady and patient dedication to all that is possible. Some successes happen overnight and others take months and even years. The key is to maintain a steady belief in yourself, revise your plan when necessary, and try again with clear intention. I will be right by your side when you fall. If you’re struggling to get back up, I’ll be there to help you stand. Why? Because you’re worth it. And I believe in you.

Over time, you will develop resilience. You’ll see obstacles as challenges to overcome. You’ll experience failure and look for the lesson. You’ll face rejection and gain insight into your identity. You will get back up over and over again. And before you know it, you’ll be taking your own advice and supporting others in their growth and development.


Coaching Options


The 90 Days To Calm Masterclass is an evidence-informed online coaching program. Participants engage in a powerful identity development process with real-time expert coaching from Dr.Froude. This program takes participants from a place of chaos to a space of calm. Individuals learn tangible tools to strengthen their relationship to self, others, institutions, and spirituality. Participants receive:

  • Intake Call: You will have a FREE 30-minute intake call with Dr.Froude before enrolling in the course (a $150 value). During that call, Dr.Froude will learn about your strengths, the vision you have for yourself, and the roadblocks that have gotten in your way. Dr.Froude will answer any questions you have about the program.
  • Live Coaching: Dr.Froude will facilitate weekly live group coaching video calls. On these calls, each participant will get airtime to describe wins, discuss concerns, and receive guidance from Dr.Froude on how to resolve challenges. You will receive up to 6 hours of individualized coaching on group calls (an $1800 value).
    All live coaching calls will be recorded and made available to participants. You can access up to 24 hours of Dr.Froude’s coaching videos (an $850 value).
    Individuals enrolled in the 90 Days To Calm Masterclass can purchase 1:1 coaching sessions at a reduced fee.
  • Course Content: You will have access to 6 hours of original video content created by Dr.Froude for this course (a $900 value). Dr.Froude provides original graphics and worksheets to facilitate individuals real-world application of course concepts.
  • Assignments: Participants will be assigned exercises that connect the concepts discussed in the course with the real world. All assignments will be outlined and explained.
  • Wins & Challenges: Each week, participants will track their successes and challenges. This document will inform the focus of real-time coaching for the week.
  • Facebook Group: You will have access to a 90 Days to Calm Masterclass Facebook page. Dr.Froude will post bonus videos, resources, and tools (a $300 value).
  • Total Program VALUE: $4,000
    ENROLL NOW: $1,500 (over 50% savings!)


1:1 Coaching

The 1:1 coaching program guides an individual or couple through a customized, evidence-informed identity transformation process. This program includes intensive coaching with Dr. Froude to provide participants with highly focused guidance and accountability. Participants have access to Dr. Froude via e-mail between sessions.

Sessions are 60 minutes and conducted face-to-face online. There is a minimum of 6 sessions to start 1:1 coaching. It is strongly recommended to space sessions every other week for maximum benefit. 1-1 coaching is available with the packages below:

  • 6 sessions: $1,800
  • 12 sessions: $3,000
  • 24 sessions: $4,800

Individuals enrolled in the 90 Days To Calm Masterclass can purchase single coaching sessions for $150.