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Self Sabotage: A Response

image by kailo carr.

< RESIST: because i carry guilt, therefore; i should be punished>

behave and behave and behave
your way into that person
you so desperately want to become.
that person who is revered
of the whole world
opening their ears
to hear

< RESIST: because i am ashamed, therefore; i should hide / suppress>

slip your feet from the covers,
summon strength
the two things depression
snatch overnight.
soap away the sleep coma and
step bravely into the world,
heart gates open.

< RESIST: because i am broken, therefore: i should appear whole>

invite your fragmented pieces
to show up
cracked and crunched.
a broken person
gets more sh*t done in a single day
than one who’s buttoned-up (i.e. stuck-up)
pretending to be

< RESIST: because i carry blame therefore; i should carry all burdens>

you carry not one burden
only a sacred promise
to be fully self-expressed.
live your truth, speak it loudly
even if you don’t believe it.

< RESIST: because i am unloved, therefore: i should be perfect>

and while you’re owning
braving the world
with all those broken pieces,
don’t forget to shrug off
the critics,
smile broadly,
speaking truth without
a quiver.
and if you’re feeling unloved, inadequate, uncertain?
withstand the pressure to prove
your worth:
wrap your own arms
around your own self,
decide you are loved.
and love
has nothing
to do with perfection.
take a breathe,
clear your throat,

< RESIST: because i am imperfect, therefore: i should imitate>

chin-up and speak-up
ferociously —
what i say matters,
listen up people!
and then proclaim your truth,
command an audience.
even if YOU

and only you

comprise that 

whole audience.